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I Think I'd Rather "Sheplace" than "Femulate"

I think it's a pretty original idea. Why I like it so much that I'm just about ready to throw all those other names for us girls like, T-Girl, Tranny, SheMale, Sissy, etc. right out the window, and start calling myself a "Sheplacement," instead.

What's a Sheplacement? It's a few steps past the Disneyesque idea of Femulating. Instead of just looking like a woman, you have to be able to perform like one too. A Sheplacement is a hot tranny tramp whom has taken it on herself to do the job that real women seem no longer interested in doing: looking hot, and taking care of men. And taking care of them only the way a Sheplacement can!

Marlana Singleton is getting it right!

Almost every post is accompanied by an awesome mini collection of some of the hottest Sheplacements to be found on the web.

Sheplacing sounds a like a lot more fun to me than just simple Femulating. Hell, most women are just femulating these days.

That's why men need The (S)heplacements